Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweet surprise...

I thought I would share this photo of a custom order that I did for a husband to give to his wife as a surprise for Valentine's Day. (I'm not at all sure that my camera or my photography skills are really up to par for this blog, but I will work on that in the future.) I had done a couple of similar frames for this family to give to grandparents for Christmas. The wife really liked them and so her husband decided it would be nice to have me create one for her as a surprise. He left the quote/calligraphy choice up to me, but requested that it relate to motherhood. I chose the line "i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)" from an e.e. cummings poem. One of several embellishments I included in the collage work was a section of a vintage measuring tape and I wrote the phrase, "Love without measure," alongside the tape. I also used some text from an old children's storybook that spoke of a mother, "happy and busy with her little ones." They will display a photo of their two adorable children -- or possibly the (beautiful) mom with the children -- in the frame. This is such a dear family and I thought it was a very sweet gift for the husband to order this frame for his wife. I hope she is pleased with the final outcome! I'd love to see it complete with photograph in their home.

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