Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Sonja at Bloom Floral Designs about some orders she is going to have me do for her shop. If you are not familiar with Bloom and live in the North Canton area, you need to discover her work! She does amazing floral designs and all the gift items and displays in her shop are just wonderful -- very clean lines with a unique and "fresh" presentation. Her designs make most other arrangements out there seem rather old, outdated and "tired." It was fun to talk with her and come up with some ideas together about how she might be able to use a few of my art pieces. Quite frankly, I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to do these projects for such a creative soul as Sonja!

Since I am new to the blogging world, I am not going to try to actually link to Sonja's website, but her address is: www.bloomfloraldesigns.com

I'm also posting some photos today of some pieces I recently completed. These are little soldered collage charms with hand-done calligraphy used on antique bottles, some with vintage chandelier prisms for stoppers. They are great for bath salts, oils or to hold a stem or two of your favorite flower. The last photo is a small picture under glass with a velvet ribbon for hanging on the wall.

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Megs said...

helen, i LOVE those little bottles. so beautiful. and that hanging is gorgeous! you can just do all the art for my house someday, cause its all so beautiful!