Saturday, February 14, 2009


Since I "created" this blog site many months ago, I guess it is time that I actually start to post some entries. Today feels like a good day for this beginning. I am not always the most computer savvy of individuals, thus the delay in getting this blog underway; however, today I am "jumping in" and trusting that anyone who may end up reading will be patient with my learning process. (Thanks in advance for that patience, by the way!)

Brad (my hubby) and I just returned a couple days ago from a visit to Tempe, AZ to see our sister and brother-in-law. It was a great visit and at the Phoenix Airport for the return trip, I noticed an art exhibit, entitled Other Words, with installations in several spots throughout the terminal. The description of the exhibit talked about letters, text and punctuation as being visual, with literary marks as texture, pattern, rhythm and context -- in other words, the language of artists. The pieces which I saw from the exhibit were wonderful and all incorporated letters, words, and text in a variety of ways. I loved the artwork and it inspired me to stretch for new techniques and expansion in my own art.

So today I am stretching a bit to begin this blog and hopefully to establish more connections with other creative folks as a result. Now I think I will close this initial post and go put that inspiration to good use otherwise in making some art on this chilly Valentine's Day.


Megs said...

hi helen! it's megan! jordan showed me your blog this weekend, its very pretty :)

michelle said...

helen -- love your blog, so simple and fresh. great picture. michelle