Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting warmer...

My post title is not referring to the weather, but rather to my efforts to customize a header for this blog which meets with my approval. I already knew that my computer skills were lacking, so my son, Jordan, got stuck with that portion of this task. However, I'm discovering that the fine hairlines in my calligraphy do not translate well to the computer screen. Thus, it is like the old game from childhood when you would try to guess something or find something and the other player would give you clues by saying, "You are getting warmer; you are getting colder, " as you approached or made your guesses. The changes in my blog's appearance seem slightly more in keeping with my "style" and yet, I think I have more work ahead of me before I am happy with the overall look.

Meanwhile, it is getting warmer outside in recent days as spring begins to make its appearance and for that I am quite grateful!

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